Plants in Bags

Episode: 4
Title: Plants in Bags
Broadcast: 4th April
Presenter: Chris

Gurus teammate Steve Wood has come up with an amazing concept to grow veggies in bags. Chris takes up the concept and starts to put it into practice.

  • To get started; you’ll need some grobags or even foam boxes. Something that is tough and easily moved, then you need to get some blocks of coir fibre.

  • Soak it in the water until it swells and add a really high quality potting mix with a good slow release fertiliser and heaps of trace elements, 2-3 handfuls should be enough. Scotts Osmocote fertiliser is perfect in this situation.

  • Plant your seeds or seedlings, then give them a fish and seaweed drink with Seasol once a week. Cover them in a rich mulch and keep them moist with 5-7 hours of sunlight.

  • Like all gardening success, be sure to follow the recipe, do some experimenting on plant types and always remember to maintain your plants with adequate watering to keep them vigorous and healthy.