Planting from Seeds

Episode: Six
Date: 23rd May 2009.
Story: Planting from Seeds
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Growing your own vegetables is not only easy but great fun. Trevor has some tips, which will have you growing delicious vegetables in no time.


Tips for planting from seeds and seedlings

  • If you have a punnet of eight small seedlings, plant all of them into the garden, but look at only harvesting six, allowing two to go to seed and sow their seeds in your garden. This will result in a continuous supply of food.
  • The best medium to plant your seedlings into is coco peat, or Brunnings potting mix blocks. Seedlings of all sizes will love this, as it holds moisture for a long period of time and provides a warm and even soil temperature.
  • Neville and Trevor, sick of growing vegetables with no flavour, selected 15 sensational tasting vegetables and created the Garden Guru packet seed line. One seed variety is Broccolette;

-This is a branching Asian form of broccoli.
-It produces as many as 12 stems per harvest.
-It is simple to grow by scattering the seeds over the soil and keeping them moist for a week or two.
-The seeds will germinate quickly and grow easily.
-They are great for small gardens or in pots.

  • Onions are another great vegetable to be planting at this time of year.

-They can be sown directly into the ground, just the same as carrots and garlic.
-They love a free draining soil.
-Red Branching Spring onions add colour and flavour.

  • Planting with the phases of the moon is an ancient tradition that is said to speed up the germination and growth of seedlings. This process certainly works well in Kanthi?s garden. For more information on planting by the phases of the moon click here


Garden Gurus Packet Seed line

  • Honey Snap Peas
  • Onion Salad Red
  • Onion Salad White
  • Red back Spring Onion
  • Baby Butter Lettuce
  • White Habenero
  • Broccoli Broccolette
  • Thai Chilli
  • Jalapeno
  • Bull Horn Type
  • Cauliflower Gourmet Baby
  • Capsicum Black Pearl
  • Tomato Piccolo Roma
  • Tomato Brusetta
  • Tomato Brusetta
  • Tomato Salsa
  • Titan vinca


To start growing a range of these delicious gourmet vegetables, click here to order seeds online.


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