Oriental style garden

Story Title: Oriental style garden
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010
Presenter: Matthew Leacy

A Japanese garden is the ideal way to rejuvenate or renovate your home, introducing order and tranquility into your environment. Matt visits Imperial Gardens in Sydney to find out how to bring oriental influence into the garden and what you can achieve with clever design in a small space.
Oriental Gardens

  • Matt shows us how clever garden design can make a space no more than 10 x 10 metres feel so much better. Although there are many Japanese garden styles and the theory behind them is extremely complex, commonly they have a pond in the middle and then they create little islands that may contain strategically placed stones, trees and plants to reflect a mountain and its underlying foliage. Pebble, gravel or sand is manipulated to evoke a feeling of water.
  • Also we look at how the use of raked sand or pebble can imitate the natural environment.
  • Imperial Gardens  Landscape Pty. Limited strives to maintain the traditional principles of excellence and balance while developing methods of blending eastern and western design and construction techniques. Each garden they design and build is unique. Every waterfall, pond or building is designed to harmonise with its specific location. They also offer the finest traditional oriental granite garden lanterns, waterbowls, statues, and towers.
  • For more information on oriental gardens and for a list of must see Japanese gardens visit www.imperialgardens.com.au

Landart Landscapes Pty Ltd
Address: 1/68 Tulloh St Willoughby 2068
Phone: (02) 99580463
Email: info@landart.com.au
Website: www.landart.com.au

Thanks to Imperial Gardens for allowing us to film at their beautiful gardens.
Imperial Gardens
18 Myoora Road, Terrey Hills, NSW
PO Box 200, Terrey Hills, NSW 2085
Ph: (02) 9450 2455
Fax: (02) 9450 2714
Website: www.imperialgardens.com.au