Soil Yourself

Story Title: Soil Yourself
Episode: 8
Date: 30th October
 Matt Leacy

Matt shows viewers where soil comes from. SITA-Organics Lawn-ARRT ™ compost is made from the recycling of food and garden organics in Penrith (NSW).

SITA-Organics, Lawn-ARRT ™ product (organic compost)

  • Lawn-ARRT ™ features: water retention, high in essential plant nutrient, free of weed, disease and pathogen, improved soil texture
  • Made from organic matter (food and garden organics)
  • SITA-Organics products made to an Australian Standard
  • Environmental benefits with diversion of organics from landfill and reduction of GHG emissions

Contact Details
For more info on where to find the SITA-Organics products:
NSW: (02) 9826 3100
VIC: (03) 8401 4272 or
WA: (08) 9410 0477 or

SITA Environmental Solutions
Level 3, 3 Rider Blvd, RHODES NSW 2138
Phone: 02 8754 0000
Fax: 02 8754 0199