Pest Control in the Garden

Story Title: Pest Control in the Garden
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 19/10/2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

All gardens have pests, making pest control necessary. Trevor's tells you about the leading insecticides in the industry and helps you decide what will work well for you and your plants ensuring all that hard work in your garden doesn't go to waste.

A New Best Friend For Your Plants

  • MaxGuard kills insects on contact and protects plants from future attacks by absorbing the liquid through the entire plant, root, leafs and future growth. If an insect attacks the plant, the sap will be injected and the insect will die
  • The ready to use 750ml Barrier Spray is convenient for spot treatment simply by applying over the foliage
  • Say goodbye to manual pumping, the 5lt pack comes with a battery operated continuous spray wand, great for larger jobs. The nozzle can be adjusted to different spray patterns depending on what you need to treat
  • Pest such as thrips and mealybugs will be controlled with an application at the start of each season will break the cycle and leave your plants in great condition
  • To prevent burn, avoid application on hotter days that reach over 30c and spray in the early morning and late evenings

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