Setting Up The Yard

Story Title: Setting Up The Yard
Episode: 2
Date: 4th September 2010
Presenter: Kim Syrus

With a fantastic range of backyard products; let Hills help set up your yard to suit the whole family.

A Range of Hills yard products
Adda Garden
Hills Play Gyms
Supa Fold and Retracting Clothesline
Hills Leaf Guard

  • To keep the kids happy and active, Hills has a range of play gyms suitable for children 2-9 years old. The Hills play gyms come as either 3 or 4 unit gyms and have a variety of included and added accessory choices including a Boat Swing, Glide Swing, Roman Rings/Trapeze Bar, Tot Swing, Junior Jungle Swing, extra Safari Swing, Liana Ladder, and an Adda Slide. You can even buy a Free Standing Slide to keep the kids even happier.

  • The Adda Garden, can be assembled in as little as 15 minutes, and at just over 1 metre long will fit in almost any location in the yard.

  • The Adda Garden is strong, durable and built to last, and its smart eco-packaging means you can re-use the carton to line the garden base.

  • When setting up your backyard, make sure you pick a good location for a clothesline. A sunny, breezy location will help your clothes dry faster and save you money on your energy bill since you're not using a tumble dryer. Hills has a large range of clotheslines including Supa Fold and Retracting Clotheslines, which are useful for small gardens with restricted space.

  • The Leaf Guard makes it easy to keep your gutters uncluttered for clean water in tanks and minimizes fire hazard to keep your family safe. When working on your gutters, make sure you use your Bailey Ladders safely; always inspect the ladder before using it, have 3 points of contact at all times on the ladder

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