Flourishing with Searles

Episode: 2
Title: Flourishing with Searles

The hottest trend in gardening internationally has changed and whilst edible gardens are still and will always be incredibly popular the latest trend is as much about the senses as food production; it’ all about colour, and particularly flower colour. Now there are some tricks to getting amazing colour garden results with the very first being encouraging and stimulating flower growth.

  • This is a special liquid plant food called Flourish, its designed to stimulate strong growth and outstanding flower and fruit production.
  • The reason a liquid plant food is so good in this situation is because its absorbed through the foliage of the plant and is available immediately giving almost instant results which is perfect for high energy use flowering plants.
  • The application is easy, simply mix the powder into a watering can and it will dissolve rapidly
  • Apply over your plants and its great for all sorts of flowers, pot plants and for applications over gardens needing that lift.
  • It can also be applied to the soil and the nutrients, which are highly soluable will be rapidly absorbed by the plants roots.
  • Soluble plant foods are rapid release absorbed quickly through the foliage and Flourish has a good mix of chelated minerals providing a great boost but if there was one problem with these plants foods is it's a short boost over a 7 to ten day period.
  • This makes them brilliant for giving the garden a massive pick up a week before friends and family arrive for a visit but the message is apply every 7 to 10 days and you will sustain amazing growth and flower.
  • Liquid feeding plants, particularly colour plants, is an essential part of show garden preparation and getting all of your plants growing strongly, because they are feeding through their leaves and roots is only possible using specially designed liquid plant foods like Flourish.

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