Home Garden Highlights

Story Title: Home Garden Highlights
Episode: 4
Date: 18th September 2010
Presenter:  Trevor Cochrane

Take a look at some of Trevor's favourite plant inspirations and highlights in his very own garden.

Some of Trevor's recommendations

Cordyline Red Fountain

  • Gorgeous cordyline red fountains with their long burgundy strap leaves, which will just cascade down the granite rock wall.

Raspberry Sensation

  • Raspberry sensation is a new release plant and must be ordered at your local nursery. It's great in pots as well as garden beds.


  • Sunrise likes semi shaded to full sun positions with good moisture supply. This plant grows to 2 metres high with a 1 metre spread.
  • It's a cordyline or cabbage tree selection that is simply stunning

Lomandra's Seascape

  • Has a gorgeous steel blue foliage and very tough in almost every garden extreme and require no maintenance once established.

Lime Wave

  • Lime wave with its soft light green lime foliage