Tea of the Week Savoury Tea

Story Title: Tea of the Week Savoury Tea
Episode: Seven
Date: 17th April 2010
Presenter: Clive Larkman

This week's tea will add some bit of bite to your morning cuppa.

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Renaissance Herbs

  • Larkman Nurseries are the Victorian grower of Renaissance Herbs.

  • There is one rosemary specie and three basic forms in cultivation. Ground cover, spreading and upright. Most are a shade of blue but there are a couple of reds and a couple of white. Flower color and form don't have any effect on taste or benefits. Just avoid varieties that are high in camphor

  • Fennel is another interesting herb. There are three varieties in the Renaissance range but in some states the Sweet Fennel is a declared weed. Collect seed in late summer.

  • Savoury Tea Recipe:
    - 2 Sage Leaves
    - 2 Rosemary Leaves
    - Fennel

    Place the Rosemary and Sage leaves in cup and infuse for 2 to 3 mins. Grind on some fennel seed and enjoy. Have this regularly for a strong and well working digestive system.

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