Adam's DIY Tips

Story Title: Adam's DIY Tips
Episode: Nine
Broadcast Date: 17th November 2012
Presenter: Adam Woodhams

Adam shows you a great tool to make your life easier

Clever Tools

  • Riveting can be a job that we avoid when it comes to garden maintenance. Whether it be additional screws on the garden shed or the new letterbox for the front yard, but having a piece that connects to your powered drill will take the hassle out of the job
  • The RiveDrill connects directly to your cordless or cord drill chuck and is simple to use
  • Pull the sleeve of the RiveDrill back to expose the drive shaft. Slip the driveshaft into the drill chuck just as you would a drill-bit. Tighten the chuck. Pull the sleeve back to cover the drive shaft and chuck and you're ready to get started.
  • The RiveDrill is just like a traditional rivet tool and comes with 3 interchangeable noses that are simple to screw on and off for different applications

Featured Product
Ozito RiveDrill


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