Getting the Lawn Ready for Summer

Episode: 7
Title: Getting the Lawn Ready for Summer
Broadcast: 4 October
Presenter: Nigel

A lush healthy lawn is the centerpiece of any garden and the envy of family, friends and neighbours. But don’t forget to get the best from your lawn you need to look after it properly, and correct watering is part of that. By far the best and easiest way to water is with automatic irrigation via pop up sprinklers, which are efficient and economical delivering the water where and when it’s needed. There’s a new range that’s causing a bit of a splash – check them out.

  • The K-rain rotating sprinklers scan also be retrofitted to existing retic systems, which is what Nigel is doing. This is a commercial-spec pop up sprinkler from the garden watering specialists Holman Industries.
  • The good news is, they’re not just available to contractors….you can find these guys on the shelf at your local Bunnings and what you’re looking for is the K Rain Pro S range, which also includes separate nozzle units for three different options of watering coverage.
  • But before fitting the nozzles, any dirt that has found its way into the retic during installation needs to be flushed out, and these pop ups have inbuilt flushing caps… now this really is commercial standard.
  • The units are backed by a five year factory-supported warranty, so there’s some pretty smart tech onboard to keep it leak free, like a co-moulded wiper seal in the cap, and a polymer microbe-resistant seal, designed to keep out the bugs that eat away at ordinary rubber seals
  • You can easily remove the filters to give them a clean – very handy.
  • And yes, these sprinklers will even travel to full pop up height under low water pressure.

Contact: Holman Industries 08 9204 1011