The Right Hose For You

Story Title: The Right Hose For You
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 07th & 14th September 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

You're out in the garden, turn the hose on after the long winter and first thing, it starts squirting water from every direction. And to top it off, it was only bought a few years earlier! Sounds familiar? Well luckily Trevor's here to road-test the best hoses from the leader in the industry - Holman's making sure this time any replacement is going to last.

Know Your Hose

  • Holman's Multi Purpose Garden Hose is ideal for most garden situations. It comes in either 12mm or 18mm diameter catering for both smaller and larger gardens
  • The 12mm Multi Purpose Hose comes fitted with plastic fittings which means it's ready to be attach straight to the tap
  • The Intelligent Hose is top of the range. This has more flexibility, great strength, and it won't split! It also has an intelligent "knitted" re-enforcing feature that resists kinking so no more blocked water flow. It also comes with quality Holman's fittings and a 12 year guarantee
  • The i-Hose has superior flexibility and increased burst pressure giving you a hose with long life performance
  • The heavy duty Trade Hose is great for tradesman. These hoses will handle wear and tear on work sites, from getting run over or dragged around it comes with a metal fitting that will withstand the pressure
  • Another great investment is a hose reel, whether it's on a trolley that you move around or a top of the line retractable hose reel. Either way your going to take the risk of the hose being run over and damaged away completely

Featured Products
Multi Purpose Garden Hose
i-Hose Intelligent Garden Hose
Trade Hose

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