Tree Guru-Better Play spaces

Title: Tree Guru-Better Play spaces
Episode: 3
Broadcast Date: 16/03/14
Presenter: Wes Fleming

In a collaborative effort with Deakin University and Mission Australia, Fleming’s effectively plant-scaped a daycare facility in a Melbourne suburb – just to see what the difference would be. Watch on to find out!

  • Places that are well planted encourage a higher rate of positive social interaction -people are more likely to exercise, play, run dogs, have a picnic, or kick a footy - than those that are sparsely planted.
  • Flemings’s Nurseries are working with childcare and pre-school entities to re-green their environments; inciting green in Aussie kids from the start.
  • After Flemings’re’greening project Deakin observed that children showed higher levels of physical activity and a greater range of movement type.
  • Trees and plants don’t have to be large to be effective – planting shrubs and ground covers, and using natural materials all balances a play space for kids – even in the home backyard.
  • To remake your kids play space at home – try to plant things that are hardy and pretty like daisies and violets … make a veggie patch and let your children plant and water them so they are part of the bigger picture.
  • Include trees for quality canopy cover and a place for kids to climb and hang out.