Story Title: Flowers
Episode: 2
Date: 15 January 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Become a fan of liquid plant food to water your plants all they way from the roots to the flower whilst saving water and providing all the right nutrients your plants need to grow successfully.

Trevor's Tips and Facts

  • Productive plants such as fruits and roses thrive on liquid plant food as they get all the necessary nutrients to grow stronger and become pest and disease resistant and most importantly saving water.
  • The key to success with any type of garden lies in the soil, humates and mulch will promote high moisture levels for optimum growth, but roses need a little more energy.

Featured Product

Miracle-Gro MaxFeed Roses and All Flowers

  • A water soluble plant fertiliser that fertilises through both the roots and the leaves to promote leafier, healthier plants with many beautiful blooms.
  • The fertiliser contains a wetting agent. The wetting agent has a dual function, it helps the leaves absorb the fertiliser, and also allows the fertiliser to be readily absorbed into the soil to help feed the roots.



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