The Power of Lime and Dolomite

Episode: 2
Title: The Power of Lime and Dolomite
Broadcast: 30 August
Presenter: Trevor

There’s something you have to consider doing now if you want the healthiest best qualities vegies, fruit and herbs this year. Not only will it keep your produce looking great, but you can use it with the peace of mind that it wont be harming the environment.

  • So often people complain their fruit are mis-formed or rot at the end of the fruit and the vegies lack lustre and this has to do with the available calcium in the soil affecting the plants health.
  • Eco-flo lime is a super clever way to deliver lime in a completely organic way to the soil.
  • Because its made up of micro particles there’s no need for digging making it  far more effective way to deliver calcium into the soil – in fact this simple hose on 2 litre bottle is equivalent to applying over 80kg of powered lime.
  • It's a brilliant way to balance the soils pH in acidic soils as well, all with the ease of applying in a hose on spray.
  • Enhanced with seaweed this will improve soil structure and health and because of the boosted calcium it adds extra magnesium which keeps leaves a rich green colour.

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