Winter Pruning

Story Title: Winter Pruning
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

With winter approaching, garden maintenance is essential. Trevor shows how to prune to prepare your garden for winter storms.

Featured Products:

Fiskars PowerGear Pruners, Loppers and Hedge Shears

  • For general shrubs a light shaping prune is probably all they need. Make sure your pruners are sharp and if you want to make it easy when pruning then use roll handle pruners. Even better use a geared roll handle as it reduces the amount of pressure you need to apply to cut. Unique PowerGear mechanics amplifies the cutting power so less effort is required.
  • For general shrubs hedge shears are more than enough to get results. A light shaping now will make them dense and compact. Hedge shears are ideal for major pruning tasks like hedging or running the first cut through your roses, even dead heading after flower flushes but if they are heavy that can be taxing on the arms after a short time. Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shears are incredibly light weight and again designed to cut through wood like butter.
  • There's one more pruner you should carefully consider adding to your garden shed if you haven't gotten one already. If you have tall shrubs or small trees, using an extendable reach pruner is a lot smarter than climbing a ladder. This pruner reaches 4 metres into the tree and allows you to shape without getting onto a ladder and into potential danger. The other thing about this particular extendable pruner is it doesn't require rapid sawing hand movement or pulling hard on ropes to get a cut. The slide strap mechanism means the cutting process is safe and easy no straining.
  • 25 year warranty.
  • Only garden tools certified by Arthritis Australia under their Ease-of-Use program.
  • See the brochure for more details and prices.

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