Tough Turf

Story Title: Tough Turf
Episode: Five
TX Date: 23rd October 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Looking at a tough, hardy and attractive turf that is suitable for some of the hardest locations, Trevor re-visits Frye Park in Perth where last year we planed out an entire field of Village Green.

Tips on Village Green

  • Village Green has a tight, dense cover that enables it to recover from wear and tear and still maintain its wonderful deep green colour.
  • Village Green needs less water and fertiliser than other lawn varieties thanks to its massive root system.
  • The tight dense cover produced by Village Green smothers weeds, minimising the need for hand weeding or the use of chemicals.
  • Village Green is seedless, this means it wont creep into your garden bed or irritate people with allergies.

Featured Turf

  • Village Green

For more on Village Green in your garden,
Village Green Turf

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