Tea of the Week - Uppitea

Story Title: Tea of the Week - Uppitea
Episode: Nine
Date: May 1st 2010
Presenter: Clive Larkman

Lavender can be used in teas for a sensational flavour. Clive Larkman shows how.

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Renaissance Herbs

  • Larkman Nurseries are the Victorian grower of Renaissance Herbs.
  • Today's tea is a multi tasker. It will give you a little zip of energy, help the brain cells and reduce a bit of stress. It also tastes pretty good.
  • Lavender has squat flowers that have quite a sweet fragrance. In the garden they normally flower in late spring. Lavender has a more camphor aroma and are more 'rat tail' shape. They flower in midsummer.
  • Uppitea Recipe:

- 2 x leaves of Tarragon.
- 2 x leaves of Brahmi.
- 2 x leaves of Verbena.
- 1 x small flower of true English Lavender.

Chop up tarragon, brahmi and verbena and place in a cup.
Strip the lavender flower and place florets in the cup.
After a couple for minutes take a sip. You will find this one quite unusual.

  • All these herbs are available in the Renaissance range at your local garden centre.

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