Plant rejuvenation with Troforte Rejuven8or

Episode: 5
Title: Plant rejuvenation with Troforte Rejuven8or
Broadcast: 20 September
Presenter: Mel

You know how you feel when you’re tired, rundown and just not performing like you should. You can see it when your plants feel that way too – the garden just looks flat and you know that the soil needs something to bring it back to life and this is it - Rejuven8tor.

  • It contains up to 60 natural minerals and up to 24 beneficial soil microbes including fungi. A soil that’s full of microbes is full of life!
Those microbes break down the natural minerals and attach them to your plant roots. If you use this stuff your plants flower, fruit and grow better and become more drought resistant and one shot lasts 3-4 months.
  • It will also naturally enhance the performance of your compost before you  use it on the garden
  • It will rekindle healthy growth, flowering and fruiting in plants that are affected by dry or poor soil conditions or just a bit neglected.
  • You can even dig it through the soil before planting to get  the best possible display.
  • When you use Rejuvenator you bring a healthy natural microbe population back to your soils and reinvigorate your plants. It also encourages healthy earthworm populations to flourish, so the benefits for the garden are endless.


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