Easy Garden Spraying

Story Title: Easy Garden Spraying
Episode: Eight
Broadcast Date: 3rd November 2012
Presenter: Melissa King

Weeds take on a life of their own in spring and, if you're not careful, by summer you'll have a garden of unsightly weeds. Spraying is a great way to kill the weeds without killing your back.

Top tips

  • Buying a sprayer with an extra large mouth is going to make your life easier. The chemicals will go in without splashing everywhere and emptying the leftover product will be safer too.
  • When you're using a non-specific herbicide, targeting weeds accurately is really important. You only want to touch what you want to kill, so ensuring your sprayer has a jet direction function is vital.
  • A lockable trigger on your spray pack will be a lifesaver for your hands; there's nothing worse then having to spray a large area and your hand locks up from pressing down on the trigger for too long!

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