The Right Kind of Shredder

Story Title: The Right Kind of Shredder
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 24h August 2013
Presenter: Melissa King

If you're pruning or cleaning up around the yard, why not recycle your green waste to use back in the garden! Mel compares the Silent Shredder versus the Rapid Shredder to see which one is right for your garden needs.

Instant Compost

- The rapid shredder is an amazing little unit that can chew through sizeable sticks and braches up to 35mm thick. It's lightweight and has a transport handle plus wheels - so you can easily maneuver it around the garden.
- It has a 2400w motor and all steel reversible blades, which means it's powerful, durable and has a long service life. It comes with a spare pare of blades and a push stick which helps feed the greenways into the shoot, keeping your fingers free from the blade
- The silent shredder is just as amazing, but has a few differences; it comes with a self feeding system, cuts through branches that are 40mm thick and comes with an added safety feature, the no vault safety switch plus its whisper quiet so you won't wake your neighbours on a Saturday morning
- Shredding is a great way to break down your garden waste, speed up the compost process and turn old garden clippings into valuable organic matter. Simply collect the shredded material in a bag or bucket then compost back onto the garden

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