Waterwise Garden

Story Title: Waterwise Garden
Episode: Two
Date: March 13th 2010
Presenter: Matthew Leacy

Matt explains how you can have a waterwise garden in any style.

  • The owners of this beautiful home were adamant they wanted a waterwise garden that did not look harsh and still felt really relaxing.
  • An underground 5000 ltr water tank was installed to catch the water from the garage roof and to supply the irrigation as well as give an option to wash the car or top up the pool.
  • Some states offer a rebate for the installation of a water tank but check with your local authority before putting one in.
  • An efficient drip line irrigation system can cut down your water usage by 75%.
  • A good 75 100mm cover of mulch over the drip line will also help reduce evaporation.
  • Always choose plants that suit the soil and aspect.

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