Shirley's Landscape Trends: Succulent Pillows

Story Title: Shirley's Landscape Trends: Succulent Pillows
Episode: Six
Broadcast Date: 21st October 2012
Presenter: Shirley Bovshow

Shirley shows you a funky creative pillow idea that is sure to impress when given as a gift.

Shirley's tips

  • Purchase an outdoor waterproof pillow, pull out all of the stuffing and replace it with sphagnum moss.
  • Next, take a few different succulent cuttings and wrap the stem of the succulent in panty hose to keep the roots safe.
  • Cut a small slit in a section of the pillow you'd like to decorate and insert the succulent. The sphagnum moss will anchor the plant and ensure its survival.
  • Finally, mist each plant at the roots and voila! You have a beautiful living pillow that can be given as a gift this Christmas.