A growing fruit garden with Troforte

Episode: 9
Title: A growing fruit garden with Troforte
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Trevor

When it comes to producing fruit trees, growing citrus may well be the most difficult. They require a well balanced diet to get the best results and to maintain a rich green leaf colour.

  • Citrus trees would be one of the most challenging to grow, they seem to need a complex diet of nutrients to grow with that healthy lustre we all love seeing.
  • Growing citrus in home gardens can be challenging and the key message that Joe has for you is make sure your soil is healthy, rich in microbes that do good for your plants and always ensure the plants are fed with a complex fertilizer with all the base trace elements.
  • If you want great plants they need to be fed well, that means beneficial soil microbes, a complex diet of nutrients supplied over a long period of time. Troforte M for fruit and citrus is what gets the job done if you’re looking for amazing results.

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