Free Hot Water From The Sun

Story Title: Free Hot Water From The Sun
Episode: 9
Date: 6th November 2010
Presenter: Matt Leacy

Electricity and gas prices in Australia have been skyrocketing by an average of 35% across the country over the last three years. A Solahart hot water system is the answer.

Solahart Hot Water System

  • Solar hot water uses the heat from the sun and transfers this heat directly to the water or fluid in collectors. Energy produced by the sun is stored in the tank for later use and boosting is there as back up to ensure hot water 24/7.
  • Solar Power (otherwise known as Solar Photovoltaic or PV) uses the light from the sun and converts this to electricity via Photovoltaic panels for immediate use in the case of grid connected system. In most States, the householder is paid a feed in tariff for excess electricity sent back to the grid and in some States you could be paid on the total amount of electricity produced regardless of how much you use.
  • Solar hot water costs approximately $5,000 before rebates, an equivalent sized PV system (1.5kW) costs around $12,000 before rebates.

Benefits of solar hot water and solar power

  • Generous Federal and State Government rebates are currently available to eligible home-owners when replacing an electric water heater with a green-friendly solar water heater, and when purchasing solar PV panels.
  • Installers of PV panels can earn money back through feed-in tariffs.
  • Further financial incentives such as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are on offer for both technologies.
  • Energy costs are skyrocketing and by going solar you can reduce the energy used to heat water by up to 85%.
  • Electric water heaters account for around 25% of household energy consumption, whereas solar hot water allows you to harness the sun's free energy, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 3 tonnes.

Other ways to save energy and keep your power bills down

  • Turn household appliances off at the power point when not in use
  • Install energy efficient light globes
  • When buying new appliances, ensure they have a 5-star energy rating
  • Opt for ‘greenpower' from your energy supplier
  • Close blinds and curtains and seal gaps to prevent heat from escaping in winter
  • Ceiling and wall insulation will also reduce your heating and cooling requirements

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