Screening out the noise with Ekoscreen

Episode: 9
Title: Screening out the noise with Ekoscreen
Broadcast: 18th October
Presenter: Trevor

Screens are so important in garden environments because they allow you to enclose an area making it more private and cosy, but what screens can you use?

  • Like the Ecodeck, it uses the same composite material so you have something that looks good all year, requires no maintenance and can be super stylish.
  • Easy to install – no special tools are required, work it the same way you would timber.
  • Available in a variety of colours – Dark Brown, Mountain Oak, Silver Ash and Red Rock.
  • It never requires oiling or painting. It’s UV stabilized so it maintains its colour without the regular upkeep of oiling or painting it and if you want the ultimate in screening materials you simply have to drop into your local Bunnings Warehouse store. It’s that easy!

Contact: Ekologix