Low Maintenance Plants

Story Title: Low Maintenance Plants
Episode: 6
Date: 2nd October 2010
Presenter:  Trevor Cochrane

If you don't maintain plants you can end up with a disaster. That's where clever garden design comes in and makes a huge difference to your gardens appearance and maintenance

  • Great designers use a careful mix of plants that provide function such as filling with foliage or adding colour contrast and others that provide features such as architectural shape and form like draceana's and yucca's.
  • The filler plants can add foliage colour and shape but they can also be low maintenance and low water use. Hard to believe?


 Lomandra Tanika

  • Australia best landscape plant
  • Lomandra is a distant relative of the grass tree but the foliage is incredibly complementary and this is a classic example of a feature plant working extremely well with an amenity plant to produce stunning results.

Dianella eutopia

  • Stunning foliage variations
  • This is a Dianella with foliage variegation like none other I have ever seen.
  • This is one I'd consider using as a feature pot plant it's just beautiful.

Dianella Little Rev

  • Ideal for the southern states and dry garden conditions.
  • This is an incredibly tough Aussie plant called Dianella Little Rev, it's fantastic for verge side plantings and you've probably noticed in your area as it's often specified by landscape architects.

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