Rooftop Gardens

Story Title: Rooftop Gardens
Episode: Four
Broadcast Date: 13th April 2013
Presenter: Susannah Wilson

Susannah shows you a Facebook Friends garden that marries a wife's design flair with a husband's green thumb resulting in a stunning place of refuge for the homeowners

Up on the Roof

  • Ariane Prevost wanted to utilise the often wasted space of the roof by making it flat and creating an amazing garden sanctuary
  • 32 tonnes of soil has been transported onto the roof to create the garden
  • The garden is truly eclectic with exotic, native and edible plants all having a place somewhere on the roof
  • It's been a case of trial and error with what will grow and what won't. Which means they've had to adopt the philosophy if it doesn't work simply pull it out and start again
  • In a world where space is at a premium considering renovating your roof into a garden is certainly a great idea for space saving tranquility
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