Growing a Garden on a Budget

Episode: 3
Title: Growing a Garden on a Budget
Broadcast: 6 September
Presenter: Brooke

Brooke has payed a visit to St johns Primary school in Thomastown Victoria and ready to help out the kids create a low budget veggie garden which you could also do at home this weekend with ease.

  • The next step is to decide what type of plants we are going to plant. Brooke has chosen to create a garden bed full of Spring flowering colour.
  • The best way to do this on a budget is to sew seeds. A pack of seeds will generally easily cover this area and it only cost about $4. Once you have chosen which seeds you would like, simply spread them around like so, water them in and wait to watch the magic happen!
  • If you cant wait to watch your little seeds sprout and are after something more instant but are still on a budget, then tubes are a great way to go! Most nurseries have a fantastic range of tube stock all year round, so it’s just a matter of deciding what you would like to plant.
  • Seeing as we are coming into Spring, Brooke has decided that she wants to plant something that will give me some instant colour.
  • The best thing about growing plants from this size is that you only have to dig a small hole, and they generally take off very quickly once they are planted in the ground.  Just give them a slight tap to remove the pot, scatter some slow release fertilizer in the bottom of each hole, place the tube in the hole and fill the soil back over like so.