A Remarkable Success Story

Story Title: A Remarkable Success Story
Episode: 5
TX Date: 23rd April 2011
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Like many Australians Tim Keirath was frustrated with hose fittings leaking and bursting off the hose and tap. So he decided to design his own hose fittings that would never leak. With help from the whole family find out how Tim built this successful Australian business to bring you great products guaranteed for practical watering.

About Hoselink

  • Hoselink fittings are interchangeable, so you can connect your hose to the tap, to an accessory, or to another hose.
  • Hoselink provides a secure, watertight connection when joining 2 hoses together, with a simple point and twist action.
  • Without claws or moving parts, it is tough for garden use.

Featured Products
Retractable Hose Reels
Hoselink Hose Fittings
Manual Wind Hose Reel
Hose Joiner Set


Unit 7, 106 Old Pittwater Road
Brookvale NSW, 2100
Ph: 02 9939 4171
Ph: 1300 900 617