Propagating Plants

Title: Propagating Plants
Episode: 8
Broadcast Date: 20/4/14
Presenter: Trevor

Now is a great time to grow Yuccas, Dracaenas and Cordolines from cuttings. You have the potential to have many of these plants growing around your garden right now, and Trevor shows you how.

  • By cutting your plants back now, you have the potential for the plant to produce three to five new shoots
  • You can stimulate bud growth by scoring the trunk just above the bud which will slow sap flow, forcing it into the bud and making it grow
  • You can even use the off-cuts to create great new plants; simply get your propagation mixture ready in a pot, take the tip cuttings, and plant them in; they will drop roots, and within 6 to 8 months it will be looking amazing
  • For the remaining wood, take cuttings 50 to 60 mm long and layer them across the top of a tray of potting mix, leaving half covered, and half uncovered; these too will produce great new plants in no time.