Autumn Veggies

Story Title: Autumn Veggies
Episode: Three
Broadcast Date: 6th April 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Having your own veggie patch is so rewarding but the tricky part can be knowing when's a good time to plant, so Trev shows you some great autumn veggies to pop into the garden now

Tasty Autumn Treats

  • It's the season for broad beans so get them in the ground and watch them thrive. Creating a climbing frame for the plant to run up will ensure a bountiful harvest
  • Onions are so easy to grow so if you're just starting out in the garden and need some positive reinforcement plant a few brown onions and they'll be ready when it comes time to create those winter soups
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower will thrive at this time of year so make sure to plant these out
  • When planting seedlings be sure to soak your punnets in a seaweed extract solution to reduce transplant shock and then once a week apply the seaweed solution to maximise growth
  • Preparing the soil is paramount to success and by mixing in a good cow manure with mushroom compost and a little bit of slow release fertiliser you'll be assured to have so much produce you won't know what to do with it!