Reducing Rose Transplant Shock

Story Title: Reducing Rose Transplant Shock
Episode: Two
Broadcast Date: 30th March 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Roses are very susceptible to transplant shock however there is one sure fire way to reduce transplant shock and ensure that your rose thrives

Reducing the Shock

  • If you have a rose planted in the wrong spot and you need to transplant it, or you have a new season bare-rooted rose and you need to get it into your garden its imperative to take measures to prevent transplant shock
  • Take the plant and pop it into a tub of water, add some Seasol at recommended rates and let the plant soak for a good ten minutes
  • If there was a super secret that green thumb garden experts hold dear its knowing that plants being put into the ground suffer shock and whether they are huge full grown trees, shrubs or root sensitive plants like roses, soaking them in a seaweed extract reduces the risk of the plant setting back or dying from transplant shock
  • The reason Seasol is so good for this is because it uses a special giant Kelp from King Island which is rich in amino acids and plant hormones that are absorbed by the plants roots helping them recover quickly from the most traumatic treatment