Becoming a Bonsai Master

Story Title: Becoming a Bonsai Master
Episode: One
Broadcast Date: 17th August 2013
Presenter: Trevor Cochrane

Trevor shows you the sensational Spirited Garden on Jeju Island in South Korea. A garden designed without a single plan being drawn on paper. The garden contains some of the best examples of Bonsai in the world.

5 Tips For Growing Bonsai From a Bonsai Master

  1. If you want to grow bonsai the first rule is you need to be crazy about bonsai's and really love them as they take a lot of work
  2. Family support is essential for growing bonsai, if you go away on holidays or are ill you'll need a supportive family member to tend to your bonsai
  3. A good environment is critical ensuring you have enough sunlight and wind to make your bonsai strong through the elements
  4. Always aim to learn more about the art of bonsai take classes, read books and throw yourself into the magical world of bonsai artistry
  5. Not all trees will become good bonsai and it is only through education will you learn which trees will create the most stunning bonsai
  6. To learn more about the bonsai master and his garden click here