Natural Pest Control

Episode: 4
Title: Natural Pest Control
Broadcast: March 23, 2019
Presenter: Bonne-Marie Hibbs

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and many gardeners these days want to avoid the use of poisons and inhumane traps. Bonnie has found the perfect solution to deter those pesky rodents from your home and garden.

  • The Garden Sentinel is designed to deter larger pests from all parts of the garden, but particularly the produce plants and trees. It will keep away the possums, rats, birds and even the neighbourhood cat, without the use of inhumane trapping or poisoning.
  • This clever garden device has an infra-red sensor that works at any time of day or night. When the sensor is triggered, it lets out a 3 second sprinkler stream of water, frightening off any late-night visitor.
  • The Garden Sentinel is completely adjustable and easy to install. Just 5 pieces to assemble, attach it to the hose and it’s ready to use.
  • The duration time and spray can be easily calibrated, and the angle, range and sensitivity are all adjustable.
  • The best part is, it is completely battery operated and the rechargeable batteries are powered by a solar panel on top of the device. So, it’s a real “put it in and leave” device, the Sentinel will do the rest!
  • Avoid pointing it at a place where movement or windy areas is common, this will minimize false triggering.
  • Available in Bunnings stores this April!