Repotting Orchids

Episode: 6
Title: Repotting Orchids
Broadcast: April 6, 2019
Presenter: Nigel Ruck

Phalaenopsis orchids, also known as Moth Orchids can flower for months on end and are dead easy to look after. However eventually the leaves of these orchids will begin to distort and the roots outgrow their pots. A sure sign that the orchids are long overdue for repotting.

  • If the orchid is in need of repotting, tip the plant out of its current pot, prune back the roots and repot. Be sure to use a specialized orchid mix as these are very open in structure and promote healthy growth
  • As with all indoor plants Moth Orchids should be watered regularly with an occasional misting of the leaves. A gentle wipe with a clean cloth is the best way to keep them dust free.
  • Using high potassium fertilizer will encourage flowering which, with the right care, can last for months on end.
  • These orchids like a warm, well-lit position but away from direct sunlight and not too close to the windows as they can get sunburnt and shouldn’t be allowed to get too cold at night.
  • Moth Orchids do not like the wind and typically grow in warm humid climates so should be positioned away from air conditioners or droughts.
  • When the flower has faded, don’t throw the plant out. Cut the spike just below the last flower and it should flower again from nodes further down the spike.
  • If the spike dies, cut it off at the bottom and wait for the next one to grow in 9-12 months.